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Your 5 New Year’s DIY Resolutions

Jan, 17
By Real Deals For You | 

Now Christmas is over, we’re sure there are plenty of promises being made about eating healthier and exercising more.

However it’s always worth investing more time in some home improvement to keep things in check and to ultimately boost the value of your home.

So forget the (more than likely) empty promises of eating healthier, and make things easier on yourself this year by following these simple DIY resolutions. The good news is they’ll help to save you time and money, and they don’t involve a gym…

1. Be better prepared

Many DIY projects are not something you can necessarily do one Sunday afternoon, so make sure that before you start something, you have all the right tools (and materials!) - and that you allow yourself plenty of time to finish it too.

If it’s a more time consuming task, such as grouting a large area of tiles for example (if you’ve got to tackle this, make sure you check this blog out), put a plan together of what you’re going to do and when.

This will help to ensure the project gets finished quicker and smoothly – plus, it will also help to motivate you to do it in the days or weeks ahead!

2. Prioritise projects

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to DIY is starting multiple projects at the same time. While tempting to jump onto another, quicker home improvement project if one is panning out a little slower than expected – don't! Finish one task before moving on, because it really will save you time in the process.

This is certainly one bad habit that it will be worthwhile kicking in 2017, and you’ll be better off for it, trust us.

3. Make sure you have good quality tools

Good tools equals good DIY. It may go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people get caught out with poor quality tools when it comes to home improvement.

Always think long term when buying your tools, cheap ones might be fine for right now, but what about other DIY projects that will inevitably surface in the future?

We’d always recommend looking for recognised brands so you can rest assured that you’re buying tools that will last. Our brands page is a great place to start, as we not only offer a huge selection of tools from the best-known brands, but our network of local stockists also offer them at the very best prices!

4. Know your limits

You might be able to fix a floorboard and a leaky tap no problem at all, but that doesn't mean you can fit a whole new kitchen.

It’s important that you carefully assess whether you are able to comfortably complete any home improvement project before taking it on, otherwise you risk creating a lot more work for yourself – and potentially paying for a professional to come and pick up the pieces.

The same goes for any DIY project you may have started. If the project grows and you’re unexpectedly faced with issues that you’re not quite sure how to overcome, don’t be proud and just plough on – call a professional, even if it’s just for some advice.

5. Don’t forget key jobs

With all of our day-to-day commitments it’s so easy to keep putting off home improvement projects – but there are a number of essential tasks you need to make sure you remember to tackle, so consider setting some reminders for yourself for the year ahead.

These jobs include cleaning and maintaining your paving – click here to see how you can repair any damaged slabs, as well as carrying out a health-check of your roof, so you can keep leaks at bay and catch any issues early on.

Cleaning your gutters is also really important, and many professionals recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year – once at the beginning of spring, and once at the beginning of autumn. This will help to prevent roof leaks, or damage to your home’s foundation, so make sure this task is also on your ‘to do’ list this year - twice!

 And there you have it – the New Year’s resolutions you really need! Please remember to share this post, and if you’re looking to set yourself up with some quality tools before you get started on your 2017 home improvement, take a look at our fantastic offers now.
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